• " S Tamil School Inc. "- A Registered Non-Profit Organization
  • " Goal " - Teaching Tamil Language and Nurture Tamil Culture in Children
  • " Parent Volunteers "- Quality Teaching by Passionate Parent Volunteers
  • " American Tamil Academy Syllabus "- Tailored and Formulated for Kids Living in USA
  • " Tamil Culture Enrichment "- Students Perform Cultural Programs During Festivals
  • " Join us "- Be part of this endeavor by volunteering and supporting

For Teachers and Volunteers

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Following curriculum, textbooks and teaching classes
  • Encouraging students in their learning and evaluating their work and progress
  • Supervising student behavior and maintaining classroom discipline
  • Demonstrating good citizenship and equal respect for all the students and parents
  • Communicating with parents regarding student performance and behavior


Students are the focus of our school and their holistic growth in addition to learning the Tamil language will be encouraged by our school. We welcome any elder member or parents to volunteer to mentor and guide the students in their various needs like understanding concepts of grammar, speaking practice, listening and understanding, etc. San Antonio Tamil School is always looking for Volunteer teachers for our various classes. If you or someone that you know is interested but not quite sure what this commitment entails please feel free to contact us at the email: satamilschool@gmail.com

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities:

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Vision and Mission

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