• " SA Tamil School Inc. "- A Registered Non-Profit Organization
  • " Goal " - Teaching Tamil Language and Nurture Tamil Culture in Children
  • " Parent Volunteers "- Quality Teaching by Passionate Parent Volunteers
  • " American Tamil Academy Syllabus "- Tailored and Formulated for Kids Living in USA
  • " Tamil Culture Enrichment "- Students Perform Cultural Programs During Festivals
  • " Join us "- Be part of this endeavor by volunteering and supporting

For Parents and Students


Registration is closed for 2018-19 year

Registration for 2019-20 will be open from July 15, 2019. Application will be available online. Please submit the application for your student before first day of class. Payment of fee ($ 200 for 1 student; $180 for 2 students) can be done on first day of class during parent orientation at Community of Christ Church, 11910 Vance Jackson Road, San Antonio, Texas 78230.

Student Responsibilities

  • Participate in class, listen well, and take part in class discussion
  • Students need to bring notebook, books, pens, pencils and other materials necessary to the class every week
  • Cooperate with other students and teachers
  • Do homework every week without fail
  • Complete missed work when absent
  • Following the established rules and taking responsibility for his or her own action
  • Treat others with respect and dignity
  • Don't disturb or distract others
  • Be on time to class
  • Hats need to be removed inside the buildings
  • Do not bring toys and other personal items to the classroom
  • Read, write, converse in Tamil whenever and where ever possible

Parent Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that their children attend school regularly and on time
  • Make sure that homework is completed
  • Volunteer in your child’s class
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher on a regular basis
  • encouraging and assist their child in following the rules of behavior
  • Encourage your child to speak in Tamil at home and speak to them in Tamil
  • Try to encourage your child to participate in cultural programs and competitions in School

Parent Agreement Statement:

Parents agree to allow their child to attend Tamil School and agree to assume all responsibility and liability for any injuries to their child while participating in this activity as a result of any alleged act of the participant. Parents agree to be responsible for any medical expenses, charges or other costs, which may be incurred as a result of child's participation in this activity. Parents further agree that they will be responsible for any claims made by third parties, which may result from or be caused by their child's actions while participating in this activity.

Home work:

Home work will be assigned every class to be completed and turned in during next class.

Attendance Policy:

A minimum attendance of 85% (approximately 24 classes out of 28 classes) is mandatory for promotion. Parents should notify the school in advance if their child will be absent for the class. Please send email to the Tamil School email (satamilschool@gmail.com) and to the respective teacher. For more details refer to the Parent-Student Handbook.

Tardy Policy:

Students are required to be in Tamil School by 9:55 AM. Classes start at 10 AM. 10:05 AM is tardy time. A student may not be tardy more than 3 times in a year. 3 tardiness will be considered as one absent day. Students will be charged a fine of $5:00 for each tardy from 3 rd tardy up to 5 tardies; they will be charged $10:00 after 5 tardies. Students need to stay in class till the end of class (12 noon). Leaving Tamil class before 11:55 AM is considered tardy. Excused late drop and early pick up may be allowed only in case of emergency and unavoidable situations based on teacher’s discretion. Need to attend another class is not an excused reason for late drop or early pick up. Parents need to schedule other classes accordingly. If either late drop off and early pick up occurs more than 3 times during a school year parents are expected to accept the decision made by the school management regarding promotion to next level.

To be fair to all students the rules will be implemented stringently.

Testing and Evaluation:

The school year will consist of 3 sessions and at the end of each trimester exam will be conducted and evaluated.

Extracurricular Activities:

The school will conduct many extracurricular activities like competitions, projects, talent show, debates and thirukkural narration. We welcome all of the students to participate in these events. However if the management requires signing up for certain events, parents are requested to sign up their child for participation. Parents should inform their child’s class teacher or the Principal about their decision. Once they sign up for an event, SA Tamil School expects the parents to be involved in the program and committed to bring the child for practice as much as possible. School management and program coordinators reserve the right to disqualify a child from performance based on their behavior in practice sessions.

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